Insight Timer for meditation

Getting into a routine for meditation can be tricky and then there is being able to sit without looking at the clock every 2 min to see if you are done yet. I found myself wondering when 10 minutes was up and it would get in the way of me trying to clear my head. One of my meditation teachers suggested using Insight Timer. It’s an app for meditation. At first I didn’t like the idea since to me meditation should be tech free right? But this was actually ok – just enough tech to be helpful and not distracting.

Reasons I like Insight Timer:

  • You can set the time for as short or long as you’d like
  • Pick which kind of bowl or bell sound you want to ring you in and out
  • They also have great guided meditations available incase you are in the mood for some guidance instead of just silence
  • It keeps track of how often you meditate so you can get an idea of your habits, timing etc.
  • It shows how many other people are meditating at the same time as you which is cool – like a virtual sangha ( community)

The app is free but if you want the version that has all the features you can upgrade for a few bucks. I think it’s worth it. Incase you are wondering no I don’t have any connection to them – I just really like the app! And I like sharing good things that help people. So enjoy!

Check it out here    or in your app store


xo Jasmin