Essential oils to help ease the winter blahs

It’s  about this time of year that I really start to feel winter. Yes I know we live in Canada and we always have winter so it shouldn’t be a surprise.  True, but that doesn’t make it any easier to take when it gets so cold out that your nostrils freeze 30 seconds after you go out the door and you waddle down the street hoping you won’t slip on ice and break something.  There are many beautiful parts to winter like skating, skiing, building snowmen and drinking hot chocolate. There is also something that comes with the not so nice part of winter called  SAD ( Seasonal Affective Disorder) and it’s real. I’m sure many of you are familiar with it. I think most of us have experienced it at one point or another, they say even kids and pets get it.

For many this is the time of year when you might be feeling more tired, lethargic, unmotivated and  generally crusty. You also might find you are catching more colds and flus or that they are lingering longer. One thing I like to use to help me get through this blah time are essential oils. Depending on the oil you use they can uplift your spirits, boost your immune, clear you head and give you a bit more zip to make it through the rest of winter.They are all natural, inexpensive and pretty easy to find.

Here are some winter power oils I like:

Lemon – Lemon smells amazing, reminding us of summer sunshine and that alone can make you smile. Lemon helps to defend the body against infection because it stimulates the production of white blood cells. It can help with bronchitis and flu.

Sweet Orange – Orange is an anti -depressant. It is incredibly uplifting and also can help against colds and flu.  Orange can be used around the house as a deodorizer. It also can help calm nausea.

Ginger – Ginger keeps you warm and cozy. It is great for arthritis and rheumatism. This oil is great for travel sickness, cold, flu and fevers. It can also help with cramps and muscle spasms. *Ginger is a very strong oil so you need to make sure you mix it with a carrier so it doesn’t irritate your skin.

Thyme – This oil works with the  immune, respiratory and muscular systems. It can help with coughing, bronchitis and pneumonia. It is a stimulant that helps boost the immune system. It helps reduce feeling of fatigue and can boost the energy of people who are recovering from illness. * This is a very strong oil which should not be used during pregnancy, if you have high blood pressure or very sensitive skin

Remember pure essential oils are powerful and need to be used properly. Here are some safe ways to use your oils:

  • A few drops on a tissue and inhale as needed
  • Mix a few drops into an unscented body lotion or carrier oil like grapeseed and apply to the body
  • Add water and 10 drops of oil to a room diffuser ( the kind that has a tea light in the bottom, or the plug in kind)
  •  Add some oils to all natural unscented cleaning products and use around your house. Baking soda and vinegar are great all natural cleaning options.
  • Make a room mister with essential oils.  Mix the oils with  grain alcohol or glycerin and add filtered water. Shake well and spray.

I leave you with the thought that spring is less than 2 months away. Yay!

Sandy shares my story :)

My aromatherapy mentor and friend Sandy Powell has a feature on her blog where she posts about people in her life doing good things. I am honoured that this month she posted about me and the Stretch Heal Grow yoga retreat for young women with breast cancer. Sandy is always there to answer any questions I have about aromatherapy and natural healing. She is also a supporter of the retreat and donates awesome healing essential oils for all the women attending. As you know I am a little addicted to essential oils – that comes from my training with Sandy. Her knowledge and passion was a big part of what guided me towards holistic healing alternatives.

Here is her post:

Hidden Gems – Meet Jasmin Fiore

Thanks Sandy 🙂


Three reasons to love eucalyptus essential oil

I have a thing for essential oils, a little addiction I guess you could say. I am consistently impressed by these little powerful elixirs from mother nature. I have quite a collection of many different oils that each have different healing properties.  One of my go to oils for fall/winter is eucalyptus. It has multiple uses around the home and on the body. It is also affordable oil as far as oils go.

Three things I use my eucalyptus oil for:

1. Immune boosting for coughs and colds – as soon as someone in my family gets a cold I start with the Eucalyptus protocol because I find it helps relieve symptoms and speed up recovery time.  I will add two drops to some ointment or body lotion and rub it on the kid’s backs, chest or feet before they go to bed at night. It is a tonic to the respiratory system and helps them breathe better when they are all stuffed up. I also will diffuse around the house to help kill any airborne germs that might be lingering.

2. Sore muscles – this has been a big one for me lately as I have been suffering from a pretty sore back and shoulders since my reconstruction surgery. Eucalyptus has strong anti inflammatory properties. I love using it as a massage oil for my sore and spazzy muscles. I add a few drops to olive oil or jojoba oil and then ask my hubby really nicely if he can spread it on my back. Within minutes it takes the edge off the constant ache. So good. Lavender is also a nice

3. Concentration and clarity- a few drops in your shower gel in the morning and HELLO! your brain wakes up. Seriously. Try it. It clears my sleepy head and gets me ready for the day. Another way to use it for clarity during the day is just to put a drop on a tissue and breathe it in.

For these reasons and more eucalyptus is  a great oil to add to your roster of home remedies.

If you already use it I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Let me know what you use it for and why you like it!



The many benefits of lavender essential oil

When I first started using essential oils lavender was not on my list of favourite smells. However the more I learned about the power of essential oils the more I gained a healthy respect for just how much lavender can actually do. It’s pretty incredible.

Czech Lavender at the farm

While visiting family in Nova Scotia this past week I was lucky enough to go to  Seafoam Lavender Farm.  I had never been to a lavender farm before and it was really interesting to see how it was set up. As soon as we got out of the car the beautiful aroma of lavender and sunshine filled the air. They had several different varieties growing and many happy bees around helping to make lavender honey. They also had a cute shop filled with all the many products that can be made with lavender – lotions, bug spray, lip balms, tea and even lavender seeds to take home and start growing your own. You can find out more about this place at

On the drive back with a fresh bouquet that my daughter picked in hand and a goody bag of  products I made a mental list of all the ways that lavender can be used. It really is  first aid, stress relief and perfume all in one.

Here is my list of reasons to love lavender:

  • Bites– a drop on insect bites to reduce itching and swelling ( I like to mix it with a drop of Tea Tree oil too)
  • Burns- 2 drops on minor burns to decrease pain and speed up healing
  • Stress– 2 drops on a tissue to keep with you and inhale during the day whenever you start to feel anxious, or you can diffuse it into a room  with an aromatherapy diffuser
  • Insomnia– a few drops on a tissue kept under your pillow or in the pillow case to help calm you down and fall asleep
  • Aches and pains– 6 drops in a warm bath with epsom salts to soothe tired and achy muscles and calm the mind at the same time!
  • Headaches– the calming and balancing effect of lavender can often help ease a headache. Dilute it with some olive oil and massage it on your neck, temples or even gently on your head.

Lavender mixes well with almost all other essential oils so get creative and see what combinations work for you.

Here is my favourite place to by high quality essential oils, they carry lavender and any other oil you might be looking for.

Nascent Naturals

We’d love to hear of your favourite uses for lavender oil in the comment section below.


Winter warming ideas for those nasty colds

This winter when you get hit by an annoying cold that just lingers and makes you feel like crap for weeks ( sound familiar?) try some of these natural remedies to soothe and warm your system and help  get over the cold naturally.

1) Cold and stuffy soothing cup

  • hot water
  • fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • 1/2 tsp honey
  • apple cider
  • dash of cayenne pepper

I love this blend because it warms me up, soothes my throat and lungs. The lemon help loosen up any phelgm and the honey helps to coat the throat. If you have a very sore throat please do not add the cayenne as it will be too strong on the delicate tissues.

2) Hot ginger tea with lemon and  honey – you can make this by adding freshly chopped ginger to boiling water and letting it simmer for 10 minutes, then add freshly squeezed lemon juice. If you dont have time to chop ginger you can use ginger tea bags and add the lemon juice, it won’t be as potent but it will do the trick.  Benefits of Lemon Ginger Tea

3) Diffusing essential oils in your home  that help to ease cold symptoms and boost immune . Eucalyptus, cajeput, thyme, lavender and lemon are all good choices. Add a few drops to a diffuser or bowl of hot water and breathe in

4) Add foods with vitamin C to your diet – citrus,red peppers, leafy greens, kiwi, strawberries. Here is a list of more : Vitamin C Foods

5) Make you own chest rub – add 2 drops of eucalyptus  and 1 drop lavender essential oils to 1 tbsp of either non- petroleum vaseline, aloe vera gel or shea butter. Mix well and rub it onto your chest as needed to help clear sinuses and improve breathing.

6) blankets, pj’s and SLEEPING – as much as you can to allow the body to restore and recharge!

Feel better!

Immune system boosting with essential oils

As we move from fall to winter ( or as we like to call it in our house full of little kids – perma cold season) essential oils are a great, natural way to give the old immune system a boost. You can use them on the body or in your home, office or car. They will make you feel better and smell good too!

Here are some essential oils you might want to have around to help you get through cold and flu season.

  • Naiouli –  an immune stimulant and a tonic to the respiratory system.
  • Eucalyptus –   has incredibly strong antiviral properties, very potent oil for killing airborne germs so it’s a  good one to use in a room where someone is sick in bed with a cold or flu etc.
  • Rosemary – helps ease muscular aches and pains,  offers relief for headaches and foggy brain, fortifies the respiratory system and  aids in combating colds/flu and viral infections in general ( note- this is a very stimulating oil and should be avoided if you have high blood pressure)
  • Basil – is helpful to ease respiratory conditions like bronchitis, good for headaches and can help with sinus headaches brought on by cold/flu, is an immune boosting oil that is warming to the system
Ways  to use these oils: 
  • diffuse in an essential oil diffuser or add 5 drops to a bowl of steaming water and let the vapours fill the room
  •  add 5-6 drops to a tablespoon of carrier oil ( olive, grapeseed, almond etc) and put it in a warm bath or massage onto the body
  • add a few drops to your body wash or an unscented body lotion in the morning
  • one drop on a kleenex and inhale as needed
  • the Niaouli oil can be applied in the shower with two drops on a loofah sponge and rubbed onto the body, leave for 15-20 seconds then rinse. The scent is strong and fresh and really wakes you up while boosting the immune system
  • the oils can be used on their own or combined, based on your needs, to make a powerful immune boosting blend

Please make sure you purchase good quality oils that are pure and have nothing synthetic added to them. You can find essential oils at most health food stores or you can try my favourite place to get oils

Nascent Naturals

So if you start to feel under the weather bust out your essential oils and give yourself a boost! Hot water with lemon and honey and warm blankets are also good to keep on hand just incase!

Stay well!


Just A Drop Of Immortelle

I am in love with this little healing deva in a bottle. Immortelle essential oil, also known as Helichrysum or Everlasting  is one of the coolest healing oils I’ve ever used. Don’t be fooled by her soft exterior. Her scent is spicy, warm and sweet but she packs a punch. I have been experimenting using her on my skin post radiation with great results. It has helped soothe the itchy, hot skin and start it on the road to regeneration. There really is something special about the energy of a good essential oil.

Imortelle’s list of accomplishments aka healing properties is long and impressive.

Some of the things Imortelle can be used for:courtesy of Aroma Zone

  • helping to ease chronic headaches
  • soothe a fragile mind when experiencing shock or fear, can also ease stress in general.
  • helps to boost the  immune system by stimulating the lymph
  • fantastic for healing wounds, bruises, inflammation, and as I have recently personally discovered – helps heal burnt skin beautifully
  • offers relief from  sprains, joint pain, arthritis and soft tissue injuries
Essential oils should always be diluted in a carrier oil or base lotion before you apply them to your skin.

Please make sure you buy good quality, pure essential oils. Remember whatever you put on your skin goes directly into your system. Your skin is  a living organ, your largest actually. So be good to her and only cover her in  natural products. Cause if you wouldn’t eat  harsh chemicals, why would you rub it all over your body? Right?

Immortelle essential oil will make you, your skin and your body a little happier.