Essential Oil Stress Relief Kit

Aromatherapy enhances the body, mind and spirit through the use of aromatic, botanical essential oils. There are dozens of fantastic essential oils to choose from , each with their own healing properties but since our theme for the toolkit  is to keep it simple here are the top 5 versatile oils for  energizing or calming the mind and general stress relief. Keep them with you at home or at work for when you need a quick fix.

  • Peppermint -uplifting, stimulating ,clears the mind, enhances concentration, helps alleviate stress headaches
  • Lavender – calming, healing, good for helping to reduce fear, anxiety and promote relaxation
  • Sweet Orange – a great balancing oil, promotes creativity, self confidence, makes you happy and helps alleviate burnout, worry and the SADS
  • Chamomile -soothing and gentle, helps with insomnia, PMS, anger and nervousness
  • Eucalyptus – upbeat, fresh , helps to clear the sinuses, helps balance mood swings, also good when you have a cold

Ways to use your oils:

  1. two drops on a tissue and inhale as needed throughout the day
  2. one drop of lavender or chamomile on a cotton ball placed near your pillow or in your pillowcase to help you relax and fall asleep
  3. mix 20 -25 drops of oil with  1 tsp glycerin or alcohol and then  8 oz distilled water in a glass spray bottle and use as a room mist
  4. diffuse in an essential oil diffuser
  5. use them as single oils or combine them to make a custom blend for your specific needs

You can purchase essential oils at your local health food store or online. Make sure that they are pure and say essential oil so that you know they are not a mix with any synthetic fragrance. You get what you pay for with oils.

Some  online essential oil shops that carry high quality oils:

Saje Natural Wellness –

Escents Aromatherapy –

Divine Essence –

*Please remember to always dilute the oils before you put them on your skin in either a vegetable oil or base lotion.

This is a quick list for stress relief. I will be reviewing many more oils, their uses and benefits over the next few months. Aromatherapy is a natural and effective way to help balance both body and mind. Warning –  Once you try them you might be so happy with the results that you’ll get hooked! Like me!



Summer is amazing!  But it’s also a time of bug bites, sunburns, parades of ants and if you have little ones, more cuts and scrapes. But it’s all part of the fun!

Here is my list of essential oils you’ll need for all things summer. Keep them on hand as an Essential Oil Summer Aid Kit for home, cottage and camp.

  • Tea Tree – soothes bug bites,helps heal minor cuts and scrapes, keeps fleas away from pets. You can buy it as an oil – or for kiddies try it already added to a cream like  Thursday Plantation Antiseptic Cream
  • Lavender – sunburn relief – add a few drops to a plain lotion base or aloe vera gel for sunburn. It also has a smell that bugs don’t like which is a bonus!
  • Lemongrass -excellent for  jetlag – inhale a few drops on a kleenex during and after your flight . Also a great bug repellent if you are travelling somewhere exotic or even just to the cottage
  • Peppermint –  a few drops in the kitchen cupboards and garbage at the cottage or camp will help keep pests like ants and mice away and it smells great too! It also has a wonderful cooling effect –  you can add 15 drops ( diluted in 1 tsp glycerin) and water to a fine mist spray bottle or a few drops in a base lotion for when you get overheated
  • Lemon, Lime or Orange – makes and wonderful, refreshing summer room mist . Mix 15- 20 drops with a teaspoon of alcohol or glycerin, put into a fine mist spray bottle and fill with distilled water – you can even add some peppermint oil for an extra cooling effect! Shake really well before each use to help activate the oils.
  • Thyme – natural insecticide and very strong anti bacterial so it’s good for disinfecting surfaces ( make sure to dilute in glycerin, alcohol or soap base first)
  • Citronella – great for keeping the bugs away. You can burn a citronella based candle or diffuse citronella essential oil outside to keep the mosquitoes away

You can find good quality essential oils at your local health food store and online. Since it gets warm in the summer remember to keep your oils in a cool dry place so they don’t lose their healing properties. Always dilute the oils in a base lotion or carrier oil like almond, grape seed or even olive oil before you put it on your skin.

If you want to order oils online check out Nascent Naturals. I am so happy that they are finally available online. I have used many different brands of essential oils over the years and these oils are some of the best quality I have ever used. It is a small shop that only offers high quality oils that are all very carefully sourced. The owner, Sandy Powell is an incredible Aromatherapist – and my aromatherapy mentor!

I’d love to hear from you –  What are your favourite oils?  Are there are any blends you’ve created for bug bites, sunburn or keeping bugs away that you swear by? Feel free to comment below.




When I first started using essential oils lavender was not on my list of favourite smells. However the more I learned about the power of essential oils the more I gained a healthy respect for just how much lavender can actually do. It’s pretty incredible.

Czech Lavender at the farm

While visiting family in Nova Scotia this past week I was lucky enough to go to  Seafoam Lavender Farm.  I had never been to a lavender farm before and it was really interesting to see how it was set up. As soon as we got out of the car the beautiful aroma of lavender and sunshine filled the air. They had several different varieties growing and many happy bees around helping to make lavender honey. They also had a cute shop filled with all the many products that can be made with lavender – lotions, bug spray, lip balms, tea and even lavender seeds to take home and start growing your own. You can find out more about this place at

On the drive back with a fresh bouquet that my daughter picked in hand and a goody bag of  products I made a mental list of all the ways that lavender can be used. It really is  first aid, stress relief and perfume all in one.

Here is my list of reasons to love lavender:

  • Bites– a drop on insect bites to reduce itching and swelling ( I like to mix it with a drop of Tea Tree oil too)
  • Burns- 2 drops on minor burns to decrease pain and speed up healing
  • Stress– 2 drops on a tissue to keep with you and inhale during the day whenever you start to feel anxious, or you can diffuse it into a room  with an aromatherapy diffuser
  • Insomnia– a few drops on a tissue kept under your pillow or in the pillow case to help calm you down and fall asleep
  • Aches and pains– 6 drops in a warm bath with epsom salts to soothe tired and achy muscles and calm the mind at the same time!
  • Headaches– the calming and balancing effect of lavender can often help ease a headache. Dilute it with some olive oil and massage it on your neck, temples or even gently on your head.

Lavender mixes well with almost all other essential oils so get creative and see what combinations work for you.

Here is my favourite place to by high quality essential oils, they carry lavender and any other oil you might be looking for.

Nascent Naturals

We’d love to hear of your favourite uses for lavender oil in the comment section below.




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