Happy Mothers Day

Today I salute mothers of all kinds; biological, adopted or honorary. I salute women with children and women without children as we all know you can be a mother to others in so many different ways. The saying ‘it takes a village’ is so true. There are many women in my life who are like mothers to me and my girls and they each enrich our lives in many ways.

Today is my sixth mothers day as a mommy and my third one without my mother. I know she would be happy to see what good hands I am in and how many wonderful women help me out when I need it.

Thanks to Kaia and Adria for making me a mommy and giving me a chance to experience all the sublime love and delightful chaos.

Sending a huge thank you to the mother who created me, raised me, loved me like crazy, taught me how to be a good mamma and is watching over me and guiding me each day.

Motherhood is an adventure. You never know what will be coming next. But you do it with all your heart.

Happy Mothers Day to all you beautiful, brave, funny, strong, smart and loving mommies out there. You make the world a better place.





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