Beat the winter blahs

Ok so it officially feels like winter has been here too long. I don’t like to complain about the snow and cold because I live in Canada – hello – it’s not like it’s a surprise that the winter is freezing! But still after a while it starts to wear you down. The stomach flu ran through our house this weekend adding even more fun to being stuck inside.

So what is one to do to beat the winter blues and try and pass through the next 2 months with a little shred of hope, happiness and faith that spring will come…eventually?

Try some of these:

1. Get outside – skiing, skating, snowshoeing, tobboganing, tubing, making the biggest snowman you can – whatever works for you!

2. Add citrus to you diet – a little burst of sunshine and added Vitamin C

3. Essential oils – orange , tangerine, lemon, peppermint, lime  – add a few drops to your body lotion, bath , or  a room diffuser to help give you a boost physically and emotionally

4. Enjoy the warmth of comfort foods – what are your faves?

5. Indulge in winter naps under a cozy blanket – even better share a nap with your favourite person

6. Read – good time to get caught up on your fave books or learn something totally new with an online course

7. Bust out the board games – the cheesier the better!!

8. Take a day trip to a therapeutic waters spa to detox and improve your circulation. If you can’t take an entire day just book yourself in for a massage or facial. A little ‘you time’ can go a long way in lifting your spirits.

9. Lastly – my tried and true fave to kick up a morning when you are feeling blah – KITCHEN DANCE PARTY – put on a song that really makes you move then dance like no one is watching – even if you feel silly keep going eventually you will feel GOOD!

I’m sure each of you have some of you own little tricks to make winter seem sweeter and more enjoyable. Please share your best ways to beat the blahs in the comment section below. You will be helping us all!



3 thoughts on “Beat the winter blahs

  1. Morning sunrise smoothies make me ridiculously happy all winter long: put a peeled ruby grapefruit and 2-3 honey tangerines through a juicer, and then blend with a handful (or 3) organic frozen strawberries.

    As for warming comfort foods… a really good black bean chili served over sweet potato wedges is heaven in a bowl, or a fabulous spicy chana masala. ❤


  2. Home made granola with yoghurt and some fruit..ymmm! If you have a fireplace or wood stove, I have found that a fire will warm and help push away any winter blahs. And take the occasional glance outside to see what’s around. This a.m. we had the first visit ever of a red-bellied woodpecker! What a treat to watch him on the branches and dropping down to the suet. And a few days ago another first as we caught sight of a Fisher walking around the house (to check on the mouse population I would suspect).


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