Three reasons to love eucalyptus essential oil

I have a thing for essential oils, a little addiction I guess you could say. I am consistently impressed by these little powerful elixirs from mother nature. I have quite a collection of many different oils that each have different healing properties.  One of my go to oils for fall/winter is eucalyptus. It has multiple uses around the home and on the body. It is also affordable oil as far as oils go.

Three things I use my eucalyptus oil for:

1. Immune boosting for coughs and colds – as soon as someone in my family gets a cold I start with the Eucalyptus protocol because I find it helps relieve symptoms and speed up recovery time.  I will add two drops to some ointment or body lotion and rub it on the kid’s backs, chest or feet before they go to bed at night. It is a tonic to the respiratory system and helps them breathe better when they are all stuffed up. I also will diffuse around the house to help kill any airborne germs that might be lingering.

2. Sore muscles – this has been a big one for me lately as I have been suffering from a pretty sore back and shoulders since my reconstruction surgery. Eucalyptus has strong anti inflammatory properties. I love using it as a massage oil for my sore and spazzy muscles. I add a few drops to olive oil or jojoba oil and then ask my hubby really nicely if he can spread it on my back. Within minutes it takes the edge off the constant ache. So good. Lavender is also a nice

3. Concentration and clarity- a few drops in your shower gel in the morning and HELLO! your brain wakes up. Seriously. Try it. It clears my sleepy head and gets me ready for the day. Another way to use it for clarity during the day is just to put a drop on a tissue and breathe it in.

For these reasons and more eucalyptus is  a great oil to add to your roster of home remedies.

If you already use it I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Let me know what you use it for and why you like it!



6 thoughts on “Three reasons to love eucalyptus essential oil

  1. Such a great idea – especially for the kids. My daughter is sick right now and I am struggling with how to best help her. I am definitely going to try your ointment suggestion and diffusing around the house. Thanks!


  2. This would be a great post workout oil that would get a lot of use at my house! 😉 great idea, never thought of using aromatherapy before for my sore muscles…I am learning!


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