A little therapeutic yoga please

I just completed a week long therapeutic yoga intensive training. It was a life changer for me. You see I have always been interested in helping people feel more balanced, healthier, happier and teaching yoga has always been one of my favourite ways to be of service. After spending the past few years in breast cancer treatment and reconstruction surgeries my desire to be of service has grown exponentially. I didn’t really fully understand what physical pain was until I went through chemo, radiation and multiple surgeries. I thought I knew, but I didn’t really know.

I have spent a good part of the last 5 months in a lot of pain from the changes my upper body went through with the mastectomies and breast reconstruction. I have been very pro active about trying to manage my pain. I want to be well enough  to return to work soon so I am trying everything to get stronger and healthier. I have done physio, massage, osteopathy and they have all helped immensely. But I still am carrying around so much pain that I actually started numbing myself out about it. I got used to it and held all the anger, sadness, grief  and tension in my body, stored away between my shoulders, ribs, neck and chest.  I tucked it away and kept it safe there and lived with the pain. This week during the training I blew that pain veil open, dug into it and started to let it go. I can’t even describe in words how incredible it feels.

The first exercise we did where I had to go anywhere near my “protected” area had me instantly in tears. But the crying felt good, scary but good. I had my body’s attention and it quietly gave me the nod to keep going. So I did . With the support of incredible teachers and other students I was safely able to explore what was going on with me physically. It was a very intense, tiring but also exhilarating process. In the five days of training I let go of so many holding patterns. I let go of fear, I sat with my sadness and with my joy. I started some serious cleaning out of my stuff. And the best part was that I emerged from the training not only having had many personal shifts but also learning how to help others and be of service to others in helping them find their pure movement, there ability to start letting go of some pain and get back to the things they need and love doing!

I want to thank Susi Hately and her team for an incredible experience. You can check out all the great programs and books she has for helping people get out of pain at  www.functionalsynergy.com

This week I was reminded to trust what I see and feel,  that less is more, and to always move in a pain free range of motion. I went into the training hoping to learn how to help others not realizing  that I would be helping myself and my own recovery process too!  I love those kind of surprises.

Take Care