What we can learn from water

Have you heard of the concept that water reacts on a molecular level to human vibrational energy? It can change its shape as a reaction to  emotions and feelings generated by words and music.

A recent talk by Deepak Chopra reminded me of the work Dr. Masaru Emoto is doing on how receptive water is. In his experiments he took pure spring water and taped a word on the jar containing the water. Some words were positive like: love, balance and peace. Others had a more negative feel like: “I hate you, I am going to kill you, you make me sick”. He also had a group of jars that he exposed to beautiful, peaceful music and others to unsettling, chaotic music.

Then he took drops of the water , froze them and examined the ice crystals that formed under a microscope. What he found was incredible.

The water exposed to the loving words, thoughts and music took on incredibly beautiful, harmonious shapes. On the other hand the ones exposed to anger, hatred and negativity lost their beautiful shapes and went into chaos with no patterns and no balance. He also has found that water molecules taken from different sources look different. The shape of water taken from the Ganges River looks very different than water from Antarctic Ice.

Here is a video that describes his work with some interesting images of the water.

So consider that our bodies and our planet are made up of over  70% water – can you imagine what kind of effect those energy frequencies have on our entire system? We are bombarded with stimuli every moment of every day that affect us on a cellular level.

When I think about my health moving forward and what I want to  bring into my life  I like to think of this water experiment as reminder of just how sensitive to thoughts and energy we really are.

How does energy affect you?

Are you aware of the energy you put out when you walk into a room?

Are you aware of the energy of the people around you – both the uplifting good vibes and the kind that make you feel tired or angry for seemingly no reason?

Play with your ability to be aware of the vibrations around you including your own. For a few days just try observing what you give out and what you take in as you go from home to work,  to the gym, grocery shopping, and sharing meals with with family, friends etc.

I am not saying that you need to be a shining beacon of happy, positive light all the time because that is impossible!  Just be aware that you have a choice of what to do when the negative, more difficult emotions come up. What you choose to do will affect you and those around you on a cellular level.

What energy do you choose to put out into the world around you?  The choice is up to you.

Be Well,

Jasmin 🙂 

One thought on “What we can learn from water

  1. Wow! That’s wild. The fact that the water crystals were different when frozen is neat but making the connection that our bodies are made of such a high percentage of water… scientific evidence of the effects of stress on our bodies. Mind blown..!


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