An Evening of Heart

A few days ago a good friend treated me to an evening with Mastin Kipp on his Enter the Heart Tour. I have followed his blog and his insights for a while but I wasn’t sure what a 4 hour evening would be like? What would we do for 4 hours? Also I had just had surgery that same week and wasn’t sure if I could actually sit up and listen, let alone interact in a large group all night. I decided that is was a unique opportunity and I should try it and take it from there – so I said YES.

The evening started with the music of Chris Assaad which was beautiful.The first hour was kundalini yoga with a great teacher named Tommy Rosen – I did the first 10 minutes and then realized my mind wanted to be there but my body was just not in a space to even do yoga yet. So I sat and watched, did my own super easy version with some breathing and just took in the energy of the room. Even just doing 10 minutes of it had already shifted my energy in a good way.

Next it was time to dive into heart therapy with Mastin. He has an interesting approach, quite different than many other coaches/self help teachers. Lots of humour, jokes, and telling it like it is in a simple easy to grasp way. I think his voice is going to be an important one for  people of all ages but especially young people who are interested in their spirituality but not convinced by concepts if the are presented in too much of an airy, out there sort of way. Mastin likes facts and also likes to honour the balance of good and bad, happy and sad, highs and lows that are a part of our lives every day. He honours the reality we live in and that is refreshing. 

My top 5 take homes from the evening:

1. Give yourself permission feel your feelings – all of them- good ones and bad. He talked about the importance of NOT suppressing them. They need to be felt so that they are less scary and have less of a hold on you. In time you can learn to observe your feelings but not be them. What feelings are you keeping at bay that should be let out? Is there  a safe way to release them so that your body doesn’t have to carry them around?

2. See FEAR and PAIN as a teacher. It is not always a negative and you can almost always learn from it. What are you afraid of and why? Is that fear stopping you from moving forward and experiencing life fully? Can you look that fear straight in the face and move through it? He quoted the book title ” Feel the fear and do it anyway!” saying that the title pretty much says it all.

3. There is doing, there is being and then there is LIVING! Finding a way to get out of your comfort zone and really take action to LIVE your life whether it be in regards to your relationships, your work or your health. What action steps can you take to start really start being a co-creator of your life.

4. Trust your heart. Ask your heart for input. LISTEN to your heart. ( aka your intuition) Your heart always knows your truth, has your best intentions in mind and doesn’t lie to you. So take some time to sit, breathe and just listen and feel your heartbeat. Connect  with your own your intuition.  Once you become aware of how your heart communicates you will be able to hear whatever messages it has for you.

5. No amount of self help will work without self acceptance. Plain and simple, but challenging. What steps can you take today to start fostering more self acceptance?

I hope some of these concepts help you on your journey, whatever it may be.

Take Care