Beauty’s Way – an interview with author Lori Myles Carullo

Beauty’s Way: Inspiration on the Path of Awakening is a new book by Lori Myles Carullo.  It dives into the idea of finding beauty in the heart, in life and in love.  Lori explores ways to move through  the challenges life throws at you and offers ideas on how to come from a place of love and inner strength in all that you do.

I had a chance to ask Lori about the book and get some insight into what inspired her to write it.  

Lori tell us a little about yourself?

I am almost 40 years old and I feel more well in every way than I have my entire life.  As a young child, I had a big passion for dance and I dreamed of becoming a professional dancer. My life changed dramatically in my teen years as I struggled with illness – parasites followed by chronic fatigue syndrome. It was very difficult to lose my energy and to watch my dreams dissolving – and yet a new dream emerged from the depths of this experience.  I learned a great deal about health and healing and I longed to help others in the same way I was helped.

I studied massage, energy work (Reiki), nutrition, herbology, meditation, yoga, psychology and spirituality. I found tremendous healing through all of these modalities and I also developed a new passion for writing and sharing my gifts in this way. A couple of years ago I sat in the Tree-House in our Costa Rican retreat center and through all the seasons I wrote my first book to be published, ‘Beauty’s Way’. Now I live in Costa Rica part of the year with my husband and young child Valentino (20 months old).  Here I teach yoga, offer massage, Reiki, and life coaching sessions in the tree-house, and co-ordinate yoga & adventure retreats.

What inspired you to write the book?

I was inspired to write Beauty’s Way because I felt that through all of my life experiences so far, I had gained much wisdom and inspiration that could light up the lives of others. I didn’t want my experiences of suffering and struggle to have been just for my own personal growth – I hoped that all that I came through and the beauty I found in it all could also be a blessing for many others.

It was a difficult decision to publish the book because in it I share many personal stories of my healing journey, and various family members offered great resistance to my sharing this with the greater public. However, I felt called to share the book and I listened and respected my loving inner voice and the Divine guidance I received every step of the way.

What has been the feedback from people as they read the book?

The feedback from the book has been incredible. I offer here a quote from a woman who just read Beauty’s Way and shared this with me:

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for Beauty’s Way.  I have been reading it for three days and trying some of the beauty tips.  I don’t want it to end.  I feel so connected, so inspired and am slowly awakening again.  Certain chapters resonate deeply with me and throughout I am inspired by your honesty, vulnerability and love that radiates through the entire book.”

Mostly, people share that the book resonates with them as my stories echo many similarities in life lessons as their personal stories, and that the illuminations of wisdom that come through are deeply helpful in a very real way.

I enjoyed your insights on forgiveness and gratitude – What sections seem to be resonating with people the most?

I’m so glad you benefited from the insights on forgiveness and gratitude. I find that many people share with me how deeply the chapter on grief touched them (most likely because it penetrated a tender point in their own grieving…) and also the section about gratitude and friendship. I think that each reader will be inspired by different parts of the book based on where they are at in their life journey and what is most on their hearts. One young man I met who was in recovery from addiction read the introduction and told me that just that part moved him in ways no other book had. He felt very connected to the message coming through and like somebody out there ‘got him’. Such a gift.

What was the hardest chapter/ easiest chapter for you to write?

I believe the hardest chapter for me to write (and to re-read) was the chapter on grief. As I wrote the words I re-lived one of the most difficult times in my life – the losing of one of my best friends to a freak car accident. I cried many tears as I wrote that chapter, sharing both the beauty and magic of her life and death.

The chapter on forgiveness was also very difficult for me to write because it brought up the pain of that core relationship, re-opening some wounds that still were calling for the balm of healing.

The easiest chapter to write was the one about friendship. My love for my best friend and the various experiences we lived through together helped to make the words and thoughts flow freely and easily through me. I also found the chapter on change easy to write because it is something I have worked hard on accepting and flowing with in my life, so it was not too difficult to share.

If you could share 3 overall insights from the book that you would want people to integrate into their lives what would they be?

Wow – 3 overall insights from the book I would like people to take away with them…. Hmmm….

ONE: The beauty we create and unveil in life comes from the LOVE we offer to every single aspect of our human journey. (The good stuff, the tough stuff, and everything in between.)

TWO: One of the most important ways we bring love to our lives and the lives of others is through radical acceptance and compassion.

THREE: Miracles are always possible. Love is the great instigator of miracles and so we are forever capable of being the author and creator of miracles in our lives and the lives around us.

Thanks Lori!

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