6 Tips for clearing your throat chakra

The throat chakra has always been incredibly interesting to me.  Whenever I go for a reiki session, in the first few minutes I always get a frog in my throat and have to keep clearing it. Often I will go in feeling fine and then start coughing while on the treatment table. I’ve come to realize it’s my throat chakra’s way of saying  ‘hello can you do some clearing HERE please!”  For me the energy gets stuck in my throat when I have something I need to say that I’m not saying or there is something I really want to create but am afraid to try.

The  fifth chakra is your centre of  communication, expression, receiving, creativity and speaking your truth. It is also linked to the idea of manifesting in the physical world. The sanskrit word is Visuddha which means ‘purification’. It is located at the neck , throat and shoulders. A strong throat chakra can help you find your own clear, authentic voice.



When the throat chakra energy is blocked you may experience: neck pain or chronic headaches, TMJ, dental pain,chronic sore throat, headaches, inability to listen, fear of speaking

After clearing and balancing you may be more able to: trust your own inner voice and intuition, truly listen to others, communicate well with others, tune into your creative energy

Try this short breathwork exercise to help open up the energy in your throat chakra:



  1. Make an effort to express yourself through: writing, chanting, singing, public speaking, sharing your thoughts, creating something new on your own or with others – whichever resonates with you
  2. Simple neck rolling:  relax your jaw and gently roll your head and neck from left to right and back a few times. Then give the back of your neck a little massage and take a few deep breaths into your neck.
  3. Yoga poses to help stimulate the fifth chakra : Plough and Fish  ( please practice modified versions of these poses if need be)
  4. Essential oils : Neroli, Sandalwood, Lavender – one drop in some lotion or carrier oil and rub it into your neck, or put a drop on a tissue and inhale as needed.
  5. Manifestation  journal – making time daily or weekly to write down your goals and dreams – without judgement or editing.
  6. Healing affirmations ( from Heal Your Body by Louise Hay): I express myself freely and joyously. It’s ok to make noise. I speak up for myself with ease. I express my creativity. I am willing to change.
Next time we will explore the Third Eye which is all about intuition and inner awareness.

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