Energize your third chakra

‘I am’ is the energy that resonates in the area of your third chakra.

Warming fire energy of the sun

We started with earth at your root chakra then got moving with water at the second chakra and this week we warm up with the fire based energy of your SOLAR PLEXUS or MANIPURA chakra. Manipura means ‘lustrous gem’ Energetically it is located just under your navel and it can physically affect the lower back, abdomen, stomach digestive and nervous system. The concept of ‘feeling’ and’ being’ begins in this chakra. Your self esteem and your will also live here.

If your third chakra is balanced and energy is flowing freely through it you may experience: a sense of inner calm, confidence, balanced emotions, openness to change, patience, acceptance of self and others

When your third chakra is blocked or out of balance it can manifest as: being more nervous, low self esteem, feelings of stress and low tolerance of others, chronic fatigue, poor digestion, eating disorders, issues around your sense of power


  • click below for my mini meditation for your Solar Plexus
  • Tea : Ginger, Peppermint or Chamomile to help with digestion. Ginger also creates heat and warms up the body.
  • Essential Oils: black pepper, cinnamon, sandalwood, rosemary. Try  adding one or two drops of any of these oils to an unscented carrier oil or body lotion and rub it directly onto the solar plexus area
  • Cardio and vigorous exercise can help move blocked energy in your solar plexus and increase your overall wellbeing, boost your  self esteem and improve your health
  • Yoga poses  to spark the fire energy in your third chakra: bow pose, upward plank, warrior 1 pose
  • LAUGH – yes LAUGH it moves energy, makes energy and tones the system. Not to mention is makes you feel good!
Next week we will explore  the HEART CHAKRA, the centre of love and healing. Also happens to be one of my favourite energy centres! (Yes I’m a bit of a chakra nerd)
Please feel free to share any insights or ways that you help energize your chakra system in the comment section below.
For my quick review of the chakra system click here

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