Breast Reconstruction ….finally!

Tomorrow I will be going in for my much anticipated breast reconstruction surgery. I already had a mastectomy on the left side in the spring and now it’s time to do the right side and then rebuild them at the same time.

I have been looking forward to this since I was first told that I needed to have a mastectomy. I think to move through the  shock of losing a breast I just focused on the fact that they could be rebuilt- and I could even make them BIGGER!! Trust me when you are an A cup that is something to look forward too!

When I first started my research I didn’t realize  what an extensive set of surgeries is involved in a reconstruction. Its not just popping in an implant and boom you’re done. I had radiation on the mastectomy site so the skin on my left side is not strong enough or loose enough to support an implant on its own.  They will  take skin and muscle from my back and pull it around to the front. This helps make a hammock for the pectoral muscles and implant to sit in. The technical term is  a latissimus doris flap. After this main surgery there will be a few additional smaller procedures over the year before it is considered complete. If you are considering reconstruction click here  for more info on this procedure. It means that I will have scars on both my front and back from the surgery. I have decided to think of them as my battle scars and be proud of them!

I am excited to get this part done but also nervous about the recovery. Having two little ones who love to crawl on you, be picked up and be cuddled makes recovering from surgery a little more, well, interesting. Mommy will be off limits for several weeks. Not sure if that will be harder on me or them ?! The surgery is 4- 5 hours long and the recovery period is about 6 weeks before I can lift anything over 5 pounds. The good news is that means I can’t vacuum, pick up grocery bags or heavy laundry baskets. Oh well!!! The bad news is I can’t pick up our two year old which will be quite interesting.

A good friend of mine sent me the biggest bra I’ve ever seen in a lovely turquoise colour as inspiration to get the biggest boobs possible! In fact many friends have been getting excited about this part of the journey along with me. I’ve received some heartfelt cards, phone calls and emails and each one means so much to me. Thank you!!

I will be away from the blog for a week or two until I have recovered enough to get online and write coherent sentences ( the joys of painkillers!). If any of you reading this post are in a position where you are considering reconstruction  and curious about how this type of procedure feels check back here in a few weeks as I will be writing about how surgery went and what recovery is like. You can also check out this post from a few months ago where I listed some good resources for breast recon info. In the meantime if you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

Take care everyone and I’ll be back soon!



5 thoughts on “Breast Reconstruction ….finally!

  1. Thinking of you Jasmine as you go through another journey. Your strength and positive attitude throughout all this is absolutely amazing. I wish you well and look forward to you posting pictures on FB of your “new additions”. You are beautiful now and you will be beautiful for many years to come!


  2. I made it through surgery and am now home resting and taking my painkillers. I’m also trying to meditate and do yoga breathing to ease the pain and speed up healing. Thanks to everyone for the support.


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