If You Want Love Give Love

I saw the loving side of people come out this year as I went through treatment for breast cancer. This journey is challenging on all levels but one of the positive things I experienced was just how wonderful people can be. I always knew I had the world’s greatest friends and family but this year they really rose the occasion in so many ways.  From helping to shave my head and organizing meals, to flowers, to notes of encouragement, sharing tears and hugs,  late night phone calls, babysitting the girls, or telling jokes when a laugh was needed , their love and support got me through.

I must say my biggest and best supporter through all this has been my hubby Kelly. He is amazing. We have been through so much together, most stuff you never imagine you’d have to go through before your 35th birthday. Through it all he has kept me laughing and never let me give up. He has backed up my many health related decisions and been my lead medical researcher at every new turn.  He has made sacrifices of his own so that I could have extra time to rest and recover or not be alone with the girls when I was too tired to tackle them both at once. He has driven me to dozens of doctor’s appointments and didn’t act at all freaked out after my mastectomy when I came home with one boob. He has participated in many of our morning and evening kitchen dance parties even though it’s not really his thing.  I know he must have his own  worries and wonderings about what life will be like moving forward after treatment, but he does an incredible job at keeping us all taken care of regardless. His love shines through in all that he does for me and our girls.

We have never  been huge subscribers to the hype of Valentine’s Day. I say you can choose to be romantic and thoughtful any day of the year, or heck even everyday of the year. Don’t get me wrong I love chocolates and cookies but there are so many more potent ways to say I love you. This year lets make Valentine’s Day about LOVE by BEING LOVING. I think February 14 is a great day to celebrate everyone who loves you and everyone that you love. No pressure for the right gift or a fancy dinner out, just a genuine open heart and actions directed by love.

Who in your life are you thankful for and how can you act in a more loving way starting today?

The saying goes if you want to attract more love into your life, then give more love out to the world around you.

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