Winter warming ideas for those nasty colds

This winter when you get hit by an annoying cold that just lingers and makes you feel like crap for weeks ( sound familiar?) try some of these natural remedies to soothe and warm your system and help  get over the cold naturally.

1) Cold and stuffy soothing cup

  • hot water
  • fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • 1/2 tsp honey
  • apple cider
  • dash of cayenne pepper

I love this blend because it warms me up, soothes my throat and lungs. The lemon help loosen up any phelgm and the honey helps to coat the throat. If you have a very sore throat please do not add the cayenne as it will be too strong on the delicate tissues.

2) Hot ginger tea with lemon and  honey – you can make this by adding freshly chopped ginger to boiling water and letting it simmer for 10 minutes, then add freshly squeezed lemon juice. If you dont have time to chop ginger you can use ginger tea bags and add the lemon juice, it won’t be as potent but it will do the trick.  Benefits of Lemon Ginger Tea

3) Diffusing essential oils in your home  that help to ease cold symptoms and boost immune . Eucalyptus, cajeput, thyme, lavender and lemon are all good choices. Add a few drops to a diffuser or bowl of hot water and breathe in

4) Add foods with vitamin C to your diet – citrus,red peppers, leafy greens, kiwi, strawberries. Here is a list of more : Vitamin C Foods

5) Make you own chest rub – add 2 drops of eucalyptus  and 1 drop lavender essential oils to 1 tbsp of either non- petroleum vaseline, aloe vera gel or shea butter. Mix well and rub it onto your chest as needed to help clear sinuses and improve breathing.

6) blankets, pj’s and SLEEPING – as much as you can to allow the body to restore and recharge!

Feel better!

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