A new age begins tomorrow

There has been much talk this year that according the the Mayan calendar the world  is coming to an end on December 21, 2012. I actually don’t believe that is the case at all. Instead I feel that it will be a shift towards a new and better way of living for all.

2012 was a difficult roller coaster year for so many, myself included. Collectively we all witnessed more pain, heartache, suffering, physical and mental illnesses and death than anyone should have to in a one year span. But some mystics believe that all those dreadful challenges people went through this year was to shed old energy in order to make way for a new age. Interesting. I am no expert and I can only speak from what I have experienced and from what my heart tells me.

I really do feel that if we make an effort to be conscious  and live from a place of love, forgiveness and understanding in all our daily interactions then we can, as a universal group, help to raise each other up both mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I am excited for what 2013 will bring. Heck I survived 2012 and the hailstorm it rained on my life so I figure 2013 can only be better! Last year this time I was starting chemo full of fear and worry and here I am a year later  having kicked cancer in the ass, recovering, getting stronger every day and looking forward to the Holidays with my family ( especially with my two little girls)! Don’t get me wrong I still get worried, angry, tired and I miss my mom every day, but I also have more hope and a brighter outlook then I ever have before.  I think I am not alone, people everywhere are waking up, realizing that they have made it through some tough stuff and that it has made them stronger and more open to growth and healing. How did 2012 change you as a person?

2012 put us all to the test in many ways so lets learn from those lessons and and welcome 2013 as a year of love and new possibility!

Happy start of a New Age!



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