Shanti Yoga Retreat…sooo wonderful

I was blessed this past weekend and had the chance to go away on a yoga retreat with some friends. We spent three wonderful days at Shanti Retreat on Wolfe Island near Kingston, Ontario.
From the moment we drove in I could  feel the tension that seems to live in my neck and shoulders start to melt away. The retreat is on 1000 feet of private shoreline where you are surrounded by water,beautiful trees and pastures full of happy cows.

Wendy and Darin own and run Shanti and they are two shining souls who welcome you so warmly. They share their space, their time and their good energy with you. I had been to Shanti twice before when they were at their old location in Prince Edward County, but this was my first visit to the new location and I loved it. They have been in the new space for just over two years. It was an old fishing and hunting lodge that they lovingly renovated to create the oasis that is now Shanti.

The retreat is in a century inn as well as a few cabins along the shore. We stayed in one of the cabins and it was awesome. The rooms are simple,clean and cozy. Our cabin was called “Rumi” and had 4 single beds, awesome gas fireplace and a bathroom. It even came complete with one of one of Rumi’s books on the fireplace for inspiration as well as some of his quotes  incorporated into the art on the walls.

The food is all vegetarian and incredibly delicious. I am still dreaming about the date coconut cookies we had had for dessert on Saturday. yummm… I am huge fan of brunch and their morning meal is the perfect combination of sweet, savory and filling.  I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. They have two meals a day incorporated into the price of the weekend. There is also always tea, coffee, water , fruit and healthy trail mix available all day long if you get hungry between meals.

The yoga is done in a yurt that was brought in from BC. It’s a very cool space. Wendy and Darin host several weekends themselves where they teach the yoga classes but they also have many guests teachers in hosting their own retreats. You can check out their schedule and find out what guests teachers are hosting retreats on their website

There is only one weekend left to check it out this season as Shanti closes for the winter at the end of November –  but have no fear they will be open again in spring and ready to bring on the peace and love to all who come and join them!

Everytime I go to Shanti I leave with a renewed sense of hope, joy and inspiration to take good care of myself and everyone that I love.

If you are looking for a  retreat in Ontario that offers the tranquility and peace of yoga and meditation as well as a chance to go walking, biking, canoeing and swimming then you should pay a visit to Shanti!

Namaste xoxo



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