Toronto Yoga Studio Reviews – Kula Yoga

This week’s yoga studio review is a guest blog post by Corinne Murray who is part-time yogi and a full-time ninja with a penchant for show-tunes & grilled cheese sandwiches.


The Space
Kula Yoga’s main studio is an urban oasis. It’s an expansive loft-like space that showcases an exposed brick wall, a cork floor and because it’s a corner building, it features a row of windows on two sides. It’s light-filled by day, and candle-lit by night. It can hold 45 people per class and when it’s packed to the gills, there’s an energy that’s contagious. When it’s empty, there’s a stillness that inspires mindfulness, reflection and growth.

Kula’s secondary studio is located down a hallway, separate from the main entrance. It’s considerably smaller, with fewer windows and holds 20 people per class. This room is not as inviting and definitely relies on the teacher to help create the mood.

The reception area & change room are both extremely small. It’s understandable, since the prime real estate in a yoga studio is the studio floor itself! However, it makes arriving at the studio stressful as you manoeuvre through dozens of yogis prepping for class. My advice is to arrive at the studio already changed!

The Schedule
Kula has an extensive schedule with a variety of classes all throughout the day. The early bird can hit up a 6:30am class, whereas the night owl can grab a class at 10:00pm. The length of classes range from an hour to an hour and a half. Most classes are Flow & Anusara inspired. However, they also offer meditation, hot yoga, yin yoga, power yoga and two new classes called Queer Yoga & Brown Girls Yoga; encouraging and welcoming diversity in the community.

Teachers & Classes
I’ve been lucky enough to experience many different classes at Kula.The few times I’ve been able to sneak out of work early to make a 5:00pm class have been divine.These classes are only an hour. Nothing like a quickie! By 6 o’clock, you’ve reached enlightenment & still have time to go home and make dinner!

My favourite classes include:
Mondays, 6:30-8:00pm
Basics Flow with Jennifer

She is a lovely, grounded, earth-mama who sings to you at the end of class. She’s a talented musician & inspiring teacher. However, she’s pregnant and will soon be on mat leave. Catch her while you can!
This class is all about reviewing fundamentals. Just because it’s back to basics, doesn’t mean it’s easy 🙂

Tuesdays, 6:30-8:00pm
Flow with Marinella

She is funny & sarcastic. She has a good, strong energy…like you’d want to have a beer with her afterward. I mean a smoothie. Yeah…a smoothie sounds more yoga-esque.
At one point during this class, you usually partner up with your neighbour to do something cool….like learning to handstand.
I always hate this at first because I go to yoga to get away from people…but then I really love it, because it breaks down this weird insecurity that everyone is better than you…because they’re not! And you make new friends. Sweaty friends.
(Kula means “community” in Sanskrit and this studio is dedicated to making yoga a communal & inclusive experience, as well as a personal & independent one)

Wednesdays, 6:30-8:00pm
Live Music Flow with Christi-an

She’s pretty easy-going and definitely instills that energy in this class. Mindfulness & meditation are what come to mind.
This class is such a treat. There is live music! A classical guitar player accompanies your practice.

The Location and Prices
Kula Yoga has locations in Toronto, Oakville and Burlington.
Kula (Toronto location) is located at 304 Brunswick Ave. It’s on the corner of Brunswick and Bloor. Class prices are comparable to most other studios in the city.
The only difference is at some point everyday, there are at least two classes available at a drop-in rate of $8.00! That’s right, only 8 bucks! Kula wants yoga to be accessible to more people, regardless of their income. How sweet is that!
Check the schedule for featured $8 classes.

Intro Special: $30
Drop in: $17
5 class card: $75
10 class card: $140
20 class card: $260
1 month unlimited: $140

*They also have a membership program for $90/month of unlimited yoga when you sign up for a 12 month contract.

 Guest post by Corinne Murray – thanks Corinne!

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