Putting things back together again

Last week I attended a BRA day ( Breast Reconstruction Awareness) event in Toronto and it was fantastic. Breast cancer comes with the physical and emotional stresses of treatment and for many women  a big part of completing the process,  is reconstruction. Everyone is different and it’s a personal choice, but for me it’s the final piece of the puzzle to complete my treatment , get back some control over my own body again and move forward with  life. It is a long process and it takes time to get in with a plastic surgeon to get things rolling. I am still waiting for my surgery date!  It takes about a year from the first surgery to the final product – new boobs! Breast reconstruction is not the same a just getting a boob job hollywood style. It can be painful and long and you still come out with scars – but in the end you get a part of your femininity back, a part that was taken away from you – and that can make all the difference in the world to someone who has just been through the most challenging year of their life in treatment.

The BRA day event was full of good information, a chance to ask questions and see some of the products involved in reconstruction  They also had a ‘Show and Tell Lounge’ which for me was one of the best parts. I got to talk to a woman who has had the exact same surgery I will be having. I had a chance to see what it actually looks like in real life and hear about the process first hand. It really is a fantastic concept.

It’s really important to do your homework before you make any decisions about having reconstruction, when and what type. If any of you are deciding about breast reconstruction or have a friend who is in treatment and looking for info here are some good sites to check out.

Online Resources




Online Support





One thought on “Putting things back together again

  1. Hi Jasmin, My name is Natalie Witkin and I organized BRA Day and the Show and Tell Lounge. I just came across your blog. Thanks so much for spreading the word about the event and helping women to be empowered and understand their options. I think you just had surgery so I hope you’re feeling ok. I loved your list of breast surgery must dos. Anyway, I was wondering if, after you’re all healed up, you would be interested in being part of show and tell as a show-er? You could ‘pay it forward’ as they say. Also, as we expand this initiative we want to have guest bloggers and tweeters and I think you would be great at that. You can reach me at nwitkin@willow.org Take care and rest up. Natalie


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