Toronto Yoga Studio Reviews – Moksha Yoga Bloor West

As I slowly get my energy back I have decided to try out some different yoga studios around the city to see what they have to offer. I am looking for my favourite class styles which happen to be two very different practices. The first is restorative or gentle hatha, appropriate for breast cancer patients or survivors who have some limitations in their arm movement and flexibility. I think a relaxing but deep class is actually good for everyone’s  body and stress levels, not just cancer survivors. The second is a more intense practice called vinyasa flow which connects poses through a flow of movement often set to music. This class is more physically demanding but so yummy!  As a yoga teacher myself I know that I am pretty picky when it comes to studios , teacher styles and the feel of a class. So I hope that my reviews and any guest reviews I post will help give you an idea of what to expect.

This month we are starting in the west end of Toronto.

Moksha Yoga Bloor West – Stretch and Surrender Class

The classes and schedule

They are a hot yoga studio that also offers some reduced heat classes. I have tried their Moksha Yin and Stretch & Surrender classes and have enjoyed them both. The Stretch and Surrender is a combination of yin yoga for the first half and restorative for the second half. It is a perfect class if you are looking for a deep stretch, to unwind, breathe deeper and  let go of stress and tension.I took it on a Sunday night which was the perfect way to unwind after the weekend and get ready for Monday with  a good nights sleep . Check out their schedule here.

The space

The studio is huge and beautiful. The change rooms are a good size and have showers. They are eco friendly with communal hand towels in the bath room and filtered water to refill your reusable bottle. Don’t forget to bring yours because you will need water! They also use green cleaning products and natural disinfectants – that gets a big !yay! from me. Remember the room is warm so dress accordingly. I wore too much and was really feeling the heat!

The teachers and staff

To be honest at first some of the front desk staff and teachers didn’t give me the warm fuzzy feeling that I usually like to get  when I come into a studio. But once the classes were in full swing each teacher that I’ve had there has opened up and become a very kind, compassionate and knowledgeable guide. They also took time to make sure they knew where each person was at in the class physically so that they could properly assist and modify for them.

Location and prices

2454 Bloor Street West

Single Class – $20.00

5 class card – $85.00/ 10 class – $160

They are also a part of Passport to Prana Toronto which is awesome – check it out here.

 Stay tuned for more reviews this month and next.

I would love to hear from you if you have any favourite studios in the city.

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