So it’s breast cancer awareness month

I have participated in the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure for several years. This year was different. This year I participated as a breast cancer survivor. It was a whole new perspective. I wasn’t sure how I would feel the day of, but when I got there and so many friends and family had come out to walk with me I was overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude and happiness.

Gratitude for all the support I have received this year and happiness that I am here and able to walk the 5k with so many loved ones. I had the strange urge to hug every person wearing a survivor shirt – but I held back. I think next year I’m just gonna do it!

Breast cancer awareness month has also taken on a whole new meaning for me. It was last year this month that I went for my ultrasound and biopsy. 4 months of chemo, 1 radical mastectomy surgery and 25 days of radiation later here I am starting to put all the pieces of me back together. Last year this time the cart fell off the rails. Last year this time I was anxious, scared, shocked and angry. Today I am still sometimes anxious but I feel so much stronger because I have made it through the gruelling physical treatments for breast cancer and survived! Now it’s time to start the emotional healing and I think that may take time, and you what, I’m ok with that. Life will never be the same and I’ve been places I would never want anyone to go. But having said that there are many parts of life that I think will be better after this experience – taking nothing for granted, enjoying everyday, being in the moment, not stressing out over the little things, keeping the big picture in perspective .

So in honour of breast cancer awareness month I urge you to check those boobs and  if there is anything that makes you suspicious go see your doctor. It can’t hurt, it can only help. Early detection is so darn important.

For more info on breast self exams, what changes to look for and early detection check out these links.

Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation – Be Breast Aware

Rethink Breast Cancer – Look. Touch. Check   and  Breast Screening Guidelines

Now go check your girls girls. Do it!


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