Snack Food Review – nud fud

I am always looking for healthy or at least semi healthy gluten free snacks for the family that taste good because I do have quite the sweet tooth. I know I should bake my own snacks because then I know what’s in them and it’s more economical etc. but let’s be honest, life is busy and not all of us have the domestic skills to just whip up yummy treats every week. Sometimes I get inspired and make my own granola and muffins  but my  search  for ready made healthy snacks continues. A few weeks ago I discovered nud fud. 

It’s delicious and has a list of great ingredients that I have no problem feeding to the girls. It’s the consistency of a cracker but the sweetness of a cookie. The two flavours I’ve tried so far are Vanilla Chai and Cacao Energy. Both were super yummy. The Vanilla Chai has the perfect mix of spice and sweet while the cacao is a little less sweet but has a nice hint of dark chocolate flavour. My 18 month old loves them and gets excited when she sees me taking out the package. The best part its that they are gluten free, organic, fruit sweetened ( so no refined sugars), have protein in them and are easy to pack in your purse or lunch for a quick snack. I checked out their website and learned that the product was created by a holistic nutritionist looking to make a snack that was free of many common allergens but still nutrient rich and energy boosting. The ingredients are simple and the base in most of them is banana , coconut and sesame seeds.I must admit I am a little addicted. So if you are looking for a snack that  has some protein, fibre, minerals and calcium that will fix your sweet and crunchy craving and give you energy without refined sugars you might want to try nud fud. mmmmm…..




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