Butterfly Guru

I wanted to share this pic with you of our new resident family of monarch butterflies. They have made a home on this beautiful purple plant on our front lawn. At first I thought it was an overgrown weed, but it turns out it’s a haven and playground for four stunningly beautiful, huge monarch butterflies. They make me smile everyday. If I’m rushing they remind me to let go and slow down, if I feel tired and run down they remind me to be gentle on myself, if I’m frustrated they remind me to stop and take in the beauty around me for a moment. Their beauty is  captivating, peaceful and joyful all at the same time.

My reiki therapist tells me that butterflies are a symbol of transformation on many levels. When I was in yoga teacher training my teachers Don and Amba Stapleton told us that when a butterfly flutters around you it’s your guru, your own inner guide reminding you that your soul is present and strong and to trust your intuition. All of those concepts resonate with me as they all make me feel happy each time I see a butterfly. My daughters  get excited every time they see one and want to make a home for them with leaves, fruit and twigs. It’s really sweet. I am honoured that these four monarchs have decided to set up camp for a while , I know they will eventually move on but for now I will enjoy them in all their beauty and try to be present to all the simple, lovely lessons they teach.

Keep an eye out for butterflies, it may be your inner guide paying you a visit to remind you of the possibility for beautiful  transformation both within you and around you.


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