Just A Drop Of Immortelle

I am in love with this little healing deva in a bottle. Immortelle essential oil, also known as Helichrysum or Everlasting  is one of the coolest healing oils I’ve ever used. Don’t be fooled by her soft exterior. Her scent is spicy, warm and sweet but she packs a punch. I have been experimenting using her on my skin post radiation with great results. It has helped soothe the itchy, hot skin and start it on the road to regeneration. There really is something special about the energy of a good essential oil.

Imortelle’s list of accomplishments aka healing properties is long and impressive.

Some of the things Imortelle can be used for:courtesy of Aroma Zone

  • helping to ease chronic headaches
  • soothe a fragile mind when experiencing shock or fear, can also ease stress in general.
  • helps to boost the  immune system by stimulating the lymph
  • fantastic for healing wounds, bruises, inflammation, and as I have recently personally discovered – helps heal burnt skin beautifully
  • offers relief from  sprains, joint pain, arthritis and soft tissue injuries
Essential oils should always be diluted in a carrier oil or base lotion before you apply them to your skin.

Please make sure you buy good quality, pure essential oils. Remember whatever you put on your skin goes directly into your system. Your skin is  a living organ, your largest actually. So be good to her and only cover her in  natural products. Cause if you wouldn’t eat  harsh chemicals, why would you rub it all over your body? Right?

Immortelle essential oil will make you, your skin and your body a little happier.



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