Recovery Time

I’ve had many requests lately for an update on where I am in my treatment so I here it is.

Yesterday  was my last day of radiation !! I am incredibly excited to be done after all this time. I was diagnosed in November 2011 and I can’t believe it’s been nine months of treatment. I am
thrilled that it’s done. I may have to run out into the street in my pjs tomorrow for one of my famous happy dances.

My hubby treated me to a lovely lunch after I finished and we celebrated getting this chapter  behind us. My girlfriends came over with cupcakes and hugs. It was a great day.

As I sit and reflect, I know that it was my spirit that got me through  and my tough little body just went along for the ride doing her part to get back up each time she was knocked down – and she was knocked down many times!  My soul has a plan and getting through this and healing completely is part of it. My body took the brunt of the physical cancer treatment but now she can start to heal and thrive again!

I know recovery is going to take time both physically and mentally.  My skin is burnt and itchy, I’m super tired all the time and I’m now on a drug called tamoxifen for five years. Lucky for me though, even on the tough days there is still a light from somewhere that is telling me to keep going that “All is well”.

I must say I’ve noticed that my mom’s strength carries on in me and I hope that I can instill some of that strength, spirit and positive outlook into my girls. My hair is growing back post chemo and my four year old Kaia took my head in her hands the other day and said in her most grown up voice,  “Oh mom, actually your hair is so pretty. I love you and you are the best because your hair is growing back now and I’m going to call you Curly ok?” I melted of course.

So what’s next? Letting my skin heal , getting my energy back ,boosting my immune system and getting ready for the next chapter of surgery in the winter which will involve one more mastectomy and full reconstruction. Yay for reconstruction!!  I am looking forward to that because bra stuffing is getting old fast. ha!

A huge thank you to all my friends and family for their incredible support. I am so lucky to have you.

I know that between yoga, napping, exercising , essential oils, meditation, healthy food, friends, family and a whole lotta love I will make full recovery. One step at a time.

Take Care,


4 thoughts on “Recovery Time

  1. Ah, bella. I hope that every time you look in the mirror, you’re damned proud of the strong, shining, amazing woman staring back at you. You’re inspiring beyond measure; both for the journey you’re going through, and for sharing it with all of us.

    I love you. Thank you for you.



  2. the “brave little girl” who allowed me to immerse her in a tub of cold water in order to reduce a fever lives on in the brave young woman you’ve become. Love you forever.


  3. Jazzy, I’m so proud of you!
    Congratulations on finally being done!!
    It’s about time you got the opportunity to get back to normal, and I hope you and the girls have a wonderful time finishing out the summer, treatment-free 🙂
    Many hugs!


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