Food Meditation

Some good friends brought over a beautiful bunch of fresh veggies from their own organic garden this afternoon and I was thrilled. They had planted extra with the intention of sharing the bounty because they knew we have been eating more organic foods these days as I go through treatment.  Let me tell you the veggies not only looked incredibly beautiful  but as I prepared them I could feel their good energy. I know it might sound funny, but knowing that they were planted with such good intentions  made them seem even more healthy.

As I prepared them I gave thanks for where they came from and  also thought about how long they had taken to grow etc. I realized that I was unintentionally doing a food meditation. So I decided to focus in on it even more and keep the good intentions going. I really smelled the fresh garlic – seriously the most beautiful garlic I have ever seen! I studied the perfect bright yellow of the zucchinni, enjoyed the crisp freshness of the cucumbers and the juicy sweet tart of the cherry tomatoes. My mind had already begun eating the food before it even touched my mouth! It gave me time to slow down and not rush through cooking just to get it on the table by a certain time. I actually paid attention to the many levels of what was going on in the moment.  I felt less stressed and less wound up by the time dinner was ready – which is usually the opposite! Not to mention the meal tasted fantastic too!

Simple steps:

1. Prepare a meal slowly with awareness of all the ingredients. Fire up your senses as you go, smell, colour, texture, taste. Breathe fully. Focus in on the moment.

2. Eat with awareness of breath, chewing, flavours and textures. And of course with thanks for the meal in front of you.

So I highly reommend trying a simple food mediation next time you are cooking or eating. Not only will it calm you down, make you more aware of the moment, but you will pass on the good energy to the people who eat the food too.  If you eat slowly and with awareness of texture, flavour, and source  it can help reduce indigestion and create a more relaxed inner and outer space. I know it’s easier said than done especially if you have kids or a hectic work schedule. But make a point of trying this when you can, even once a week. If you can’t do it for a meal just try a snack or tea, and be in moment, aware of what you are eating, the space around you and your breath. It’s the small moments that can sometimes make a big difference.

Take Care


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