Essential Oils For Balancing Hormones

Since being on chemo I have been in a temporary ‘drug induced’ menopoause. Let me tell you hot flashes at 34 years old is not fun, well I guess it’s not fun at any age really, but I just never expected to have to think about this stuff still I was 50. So obviously hormones have been top of mind for me lately. For most women chats with girlfriends often involve some kind of discussion about periods, PMS, post natal issues and all those great experiences we relive month after month. I wanted to share some essential oils that are great for helping to bring some balance to your system when it comes to hormonal related issues at all stages be it your period, post natal recovery, menopause or even just a stress  induced feeling of imbalance aka you cry at commercials with pupppies or babies in them, get annoyed with someone for no reason, eat way too many chips, then cry some more.

6 powerful little essential oil devas for finding some balance – hormonally speaking:

  • Clary Sage – this oil is an overall uterine tonic and help to calm muscle pain. It can help with menstrual cramps.
  • Rose – can help with irregular period cycles, cleansing and balancing the uterus. It helps to soothe stress induced tension overall, physically and emotionally.
  • Geranium– good for menopausal problems , water retention and regulating hormones.
  • Roman Chamomile –  for general PMS symptoms and menstrual pain. Also aids in digestion, acne breakouts and itchy skin. Good for helping with menopausal symptoms. It also a calming, stress relieving oil. ( please do not use during the early months of pregnancy as it is a can encourage blood flow to the uterus)
  • Frankinsense – this is a wonderful post-natal oil as it is a tonic to the uterus, good for the skin (stretchmarks) and calming to the spirit. Great for meditation too.

Ways  to use these oils: 

  • diffuse in an essential oil diffuser
  •  add 5-6 drops to a tablespoon of carrier oil ( olive, grapeseed, almond etc) and put it in a warm bath or massage onto your abdomen and body
  • add a few drops to your body wash or an unscented body lotion in the morning
  • one drop on a kleenex and inhale as needed
  • the oils can be used on their own or combined, based on your needs, to make a powerful healing blend

(I know I keep saying this but please make sure your purchase good quality oils that are pure)

You may find that you like the scent of some of the oils more than others and that is an important part of using essential oils for mood and hormonal balancing. The more you enjoy the scent the more you will use it and the better effect it will have on your mind. Some people also find that they are drawn to the scent of different oils throughout  the month, depending where you are in your cycle. Interesting…..

6 thoughts on “Essential Oils For Balancing Hormones

  1. Hi Jazz,

    I love the advice you give with these oils. Thanks. Our house is crazy with the hormones of a 47 year old and 9 year old! We are at opposite ends of the female spectrum. I am winding down and lovely Zoe is winding up! Just at the beginning – at least at the point where I need help and Zoe has some new books to read! I have put Geranium, Clary sage and Roman Chamomile. Is it OK to use all three or is there one you would recommend above the others? Thank you thank you. Can’t wait for your next post. They are all great. I have managed to purge my hall closet – next on the list is my linen closet. I’ll let you know how it goes. Love you. SuseX


    • Hi Susanne
      Yes you can mix all those oils – just make sure you put them in a carrier oil or lotion if you are putting them on your body. Chamomile is a good one for the kiddies , to calm them down if they are going a little nuts! Hope the closet cleaning was a success!


  2. Way cool, some valid points! I appreciate you making this article available, the rest of the site is also high quality. Have a fun.


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