Dr.Christiane Northrup on Breast Health

I am a huge fan of Dr. Christiane Northrup. If you know about her you probably think she is awesome too! If you have never heard about her you need to, especially if you are a woman. Check out her website here.

I first came across her book Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom   about 10 years ago.  Her approach to health and healing on the physical, emotional and spiritual level just made so much sense. If you like what you see on her site and are looking for ways to improve your health on all levels I highly recommend reading some of her books.

I came across an old blog post of hers about breast health that I think is very important for all women to read. Click here to check it out. I had originally read this last year and now after undergoing breast cancer treatment I read it again with a whole new perspective on how we treat and think about our breasts. She lists some great ways improve your breast health.

Let me know what you think about her post and her ideas on women’s health. Do they resonate with you?

One thought on “Dr.Christiane Northrup on Breast Health

  1. I certainly have. I read her book and recommended it to friends who were going through menopause. No one who read it was disappointed. WHEW!! we weren’t going crazy and the sweats only served to create more laundry not to melt away the unwanted fat. DAMN!!!! I’ll google her to see if she has published sound advice on how I can kick ovarian cancer in the ass – my boots and boxing gloves are ready. Thanks for reminding me about Dr. Northrup.


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