I Heart Chocolate

One of those things I can’t live without….

I do have a bit of a chocolate addiction and I am working on reducing my need for chocolate, especially since I’m supposed to cut down my sugar intake. Tumors like sugar. They like to eat it and supposedly it helps them grow so it’s best to reduce the amount of sugar I take in. But that’s easier said than done. However I am trying. I decided instead of eliminating chocolate completely I would try and switch to eating  healthier chocolate to help wean myself off the processed stuff. It’s a work in progress….some days are better than others!

My definition of healthier chocolate being dark chocolate, cacao powder and cacao nibs. I’m not a nutritionist so please don’t take this as dietary advice – it’s just from my own personal research and experience.

Some benefits of dark chocolate and pure cacao:

  • considered one of the plant based superfoods
  • rich in antioxidants ( anti oxidants protect your healthy cells from nasty free radicals that can damage them and lead to many chronic diseases)
  • high in flavanoids which may have beneficial cardiovascular effects
  • contains many important minerals like magnesium, copper and potassium
  • contains the neurotransmitter  serotonin that has a “happy” effect on the brain     ( no wonder I like it so much! )

More about the many benefits of cacao and dark chocolate

Check out some of these yummy “healthy” chocolate options:

Organic Traditions dark chocolate covered almonds – yummmmm a great alternative to the regular ones that are covered in sugar and wax

Vega Choc a Lot smoothie powder – a great way to add superfoods to your smoothie and make it taste like chocolate without having to add the refined sugars

Rainforest Cacao powder and cacao nibs – my friend Catherine who is a nutritionist suggested I try cacao in my smoothies and it’s fantastic. The nibs create a crunchy consistency while the powder stays smooth, so it depends what you like.

 Camino Dark Chocolate – great fair trade chocolate bars and cocoa powders

Of course the main thing is everything in moderation – even the so called healthier stuff! Also keep in mind that it does contain caffeine which can be good or bad depending on when you eat it.

Go enjoy some dark chocolate or cacao nibs – and if you come across any brands that you really like please let me know!

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