Yoga 101: Basic Tree Pose


Sometimes we just need to stop the ‘busy’ of daily life and find a few moments of balance. Tree pose is a fantastic and simple pose to pause in, grow taller and reconnect with your breath. This pose helps improve your balance and flexibility.

Here’s how to do it:

  • stand tall on both feet, close your eyes and take one slow deep breath to centre yourself
  • open your eyes and look down to your toes, spread them wide so you are using the entire bottom of your foot for balance and grounding
  • find a point a few feet in front of you to fix your gaze upon, this will help with balance
  • feel your weight shift into your left leg and foot. Place the right foot either at your ankle, mid calf or upper thigh. (Please listen to your body and choose the placement that feels best for you. Do not place the weight on your knee as it can cause stress to the joint.)
  • root down through your standing leg and grow tall through the crown of your head
  • bring palms together at the heart centre
  • let your breath flow down into your belly and allow yourself to lengthen with every breath.
  • if you feel steady here you can take your hands up overhead or just leave them at your heart centre
  • take 5 slow deep breaths in this pose visualize the strength and silent power of a tall, ancient tree

Create a mini stress relief break in the middle of your day by combining tree pose with a few rounds of the  simple deep breathing we talked about back in April. Need a refresher? Click here

To hear audio for this pose please click audio bar at the top of the post.

One thought on “Yoga 101: Basic Tree Pose

  1. For yoga beginners like myself, this blog made me want to do more. The audio instructions are a great help – beats reading them while trying to do the pose – and your voice lends a very calming overall effect. I’m looking forward to more.


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