A Clean Closet = A Calm Mind

Our front hall closet was a scary place that I only opened long enough to throw something in and quickly shut the door. I was afraid of what would  fall out on me or how many spiders I would find in there. So I successfully ignored it for almost an entire year and just kept shoving stuff in. Then last week while hunting in the closet for a certain pair of shoes I finally cracked. While swearing about how messy it was I threw everything out and into the hall in a rage. Everything. I think I scared my hubby and the dog too. I was on a mission!

Once it was all cleared out I just sat and looked at the empty space – and suddenly felt so calm. All the anger was gone. ha! I re-organized, made goodwill piles and put back in only what we needed. Then a strange thing happened, I started getting giddy at the thought of our clean spacious hall closet. I had a huge smile on my face for the rest of the afternoon. Who knew how happy a clean closet could make me feel?! Clearing out and making open space at the entrance to our home shifted the energy around somehow. My head felt clearer too. It gave me a little boost of energy – which I will take any day!

I’ve read a few articles in the past about Feng Shui and the power of de cluttering  and I am always pleasantly surprised how true it is. One of the concepts in Feng Shui is the importance of allowing room for new, positive energy to flow through your home.  A little decluttering is good medicine, not only for your home or office but for your mind too!

For more ideas on how to do declutter check out this post from one of my favourite blogs Zenhabits

Here is a little task – pick an area or room in your house that drives you crazy or that you have been successfully ignoring and clean it up. Really clean it up. Open up the windows to let in fresh air and let the dust out. Make piles for charity or garbage and keep only the things you really need. Once it’s done sit down and admire your work. Let me know how you feel with your new space!



3 thoughts on “A Clean Closet = A Calm Mind

  1. Thanks for this push. I have 2 drawers and some closet space being inhabited by things that I “would some day wear”. This morning they started their exodus. It feels good.


  2. My husband is a quasi-hoarder who hasn’t cleansed his closet and drawers (dresser drawers that is) in years. Even in our many moves, everything has accompanied him, including a frustated wife. Our last move was 2 1/2 years ago and included the edict: “This is your stuff, you pack it, you unpack it, you do whatever the hell you want to do with it. I’m done.”. So, in our current condo, he has the walk-in closet and I, of course, bought new wardrobes and dresser for myself and placed them in our bedroom. All this preamble is to tell you of the miracle that happened after I forwarded your blog to him. Yesterday, a huge bag of his clothing went to Goodwill and another purge is scheduled for Monday. Knowing him, he will not run right out to replace his purge. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


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