Join the Food Revolution

May 19 is Food Revolution Day . This is a movement that is so timely and important. I love the fact that Jamie Oliver choose many years ago to go above and beyond just cookbooks and really try to make a difference in the way we eat. Especially in the way children eat.

I was so shocked to find out just how bad kids are eating in countries that are so well educated and have so many healthy options available to them . Food education is incredibly important since what you put on your plate affects every cell in your body and contributes to your health both physically and mentally.

The fact that many Ontario high school cafeterias might have to close because since being mandated to eliminate junk food  like pop, pizza, fried foods etc. they are now losing money. The students want junk food and are going outside the school to buy it for their lunches instead of eating the healthy options provided in the cafeterias. See article in NP. This concerns me and it should concern you too! These kids are fighting to get junk food back in the school?? Yes I get that they should have personal choice – but what does this say about what we are teaching our children about food and importance of healthy eating?

I think healthy changes can start at home. May of us are already know how incredibly important it is to eat properly. This doesn’t mean all you have to eat is celery sticks and seaweed – after all I am a huge fan of the mighty chocolate and could could never really give that up! Its about making educated food choices and sharing what we know with our children, family and friends. Little steps and small changes end up making a big difference. If you are inspired to help make a difference check out Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution website here.

And go eat something fresh and yummy for dinner!

2 thoughts on “Join the Food Revolution

  1. I was just watching a documentary about the obesity epidemic in the US (and let’s face it, North America)… I’m scared straight. Now I just have to convince Adrian – slow down on the chips!
    Great post!!


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