Rescue Remedy – Easy Stress Relief Tool # 3

Rescue Remedy has been one of my long time go-tos for a quick fix from anxiety, fears or stress. Many of you may already be familiar with the little yellow labelled wonder, but if not you might want to discover it for yourself.

Rescue remedy is one of the Bach Flower Remedies created by Dr.Edward Bach. It is used primarily for stress, tension and to reduce fears or worries. The remedies are made from very diluted essences of different plants, flowers and trees. They are a gentle and natural way to help promote calm in the body and mind. It comes in drops, a spray and even lozenges. I swear by the spray and keep one in the medicine cabinet and in my purse.

Things I have used and still use it for:

  • before public speaking or important meetings
  • during pregnancy and at the start of labour
  • when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer and heard those surreal words
  • when my mind is racing with a million things I need to do and it keeps me from falling asleep
  • When worries get the best of me and I need to chill

It is safe to use on children, but it does have an alcohol base so all you need is one drop for kiddies- you can even just spray it on the top of their heads instead of in their mouth if you prefer. I have used it for tantrums and nightmares and it always helps to calm the kiddies down. Some people have even told me they use it on their pets during thunderstorms or fireworks to calm them down.

Bach created  38 Remedies that help with all kinds of different emotional states from shyness to anger to emotional burnout. There are many resources on the web like the Bach Centre to find out more about these gentle yet effective remedies. Or you can go to a practitioner who can help you find the remedy that is right for you based on a series of questions about how you are feeling.

You can find Rescue Remedy at your local health food store. Its a great stress relief tool to keep handy . If you try it let me know what your you think!



5 thoughts on “Rescue Remedy – Easy Stress Relief Tool # 3

  1. Thanks for reminding me of this wonder remedy. I’ve used it frequently in the past, and I made sure I always had it on hand to give to my aunt and my dad when they were going through the frustations and aggrevations of aging. Almost immediately, their frustations seemed to dissipate and they relaxed and smiled. It made me feel good too, knowing that with the help of Dr. Bach, I had helped to get them to a better place. Ooohh! I’m aging now so I’d better get myself to the health food store now. Ciaio.


  2. Yes! I have kept a bottle of Rescue Remedy in my purse and it’s awesome. You just never know when you’ll need an extra hand with quieting down your mind and body.


  3. I have heard of this, but never tried it before…I think this would be a very good product for me, was skeptical, but I think after this post I will try it – for my crazy cat too!


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