Love In A Blanket…Happy Mother’s Day

My mother fought a long and brave fight against cancer for over 10 years. She was an incredibly strong, loving and kind person who stayed positive as long as she could.  And of course I am biased – but she was the best mom ever.

After one of her early rounds of treatment for cancer she joined a quilting group and starting making a quilt. It was something she had never done before. She was making it for me with the idea that when she was no longer around I could have the quilt to wrap around me and be surrounded by her love. She was very excited about this new project and she put in months and months of work , even on days when her hands were sore and she was tired. In the centre of the quilt is a small pink heart and the inscription reads ” from my heart to yours”. She made another smaller quilt for my daughter when she was born. She spent many hours choosing the colours and hand stitching every piece with love. On my daughters quilt part of the inscription reads ” with all my love. Nonna”

The other night out of the blue my four year daughter asked ” Mommy, how do you put love in  blanket?” I wasn’t sure where that came from or what she meant. So I asked her and she replied ” You said Nonna put all her love into my blanket when she made it. How did she DO THAT??“. I fought back the tears but also had to smile. Such a perfect question – how was I gonna answer this one? !  I explained to her that Nonna  was thinking about her when she made the blanket and that love travelled from her heart down her arms, into her hands and into the blanket so that Kaia could feel it whenever she wrapped the blanket around her. I told her she could put love into anything she did and that it would make whatever she was doing for someone even better.

My answer seemed to pass her test ( thank goodness!) and now she wants to put love into the smoothies we make for breakfast, into the pictures she draws for friends and food we make for guests. Smart girl. She reminded me how important it is to add a little love into not only the big things we do for the people in our lives but even the little things. Sharing love in any way we can is a good thing and the goodness spreads quickly.

My mom passed away this past February and this will be my first mother’s day without her. I know it will be weird. It’s already weird. But part of me knows she will be with me and is always with me. I thank her for putting so much love into that quilt and everything else she did for us.

So if your mom is no longer here and you are thinking about her this Mother’s Day know that she is always with you and if your mom is still alive make sure you give her a big hug and kiss today and put a little love into whatever you are doing for her. Love heals. Love grows. Pass it on.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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