Aromatherapy – Easy Stress Relief Tool # 2

Essential Oil Stress Relief Kit

Aromatherapy enhances the body, mind and spirit through the use of aromatic, botanical essential oils. There are dozens of fantastic essential oils to choose from , each with their own healing properties but since our theme for the toolkit  is to keep it simple here are the top 5 versatile oils for  energizing or calming the mind and general stress relief. Keep them with you at home or at work for when you need a quick fix.

  • Peppermint -uplifting, stimulating ,clears the mind, enhances concentration, helps alleviate stress headaches
  • Lavender – calming, healing, good for helping to reduce fear, anxiety and promote relaxation
  • Sweet Orange – a great balancing oil, promotes creativity, self confidence, makes you happy and helps alleviate burnout, worry and the SADS
  • Chamomile -soothing and gentle, helps with insomnia, PMS, anger and nervousness
  • Eucalyptus – upbeat, fresh , helps to clear the sinuses, helps balance mood swings, also good when you have a cold

Ways to use your oils:

  1. two drops on a tissue and inhale as needed throughout the day
  2. one drop of lavender or chamomile on a cotton ball placed near your pillow or in your pillowcase to help you relax and fall asleep
  3. mix 20 -25 drops of oil with  1 tsp glycerin or alcohol and then  8 oz distilled water in a glass spray bottle and use as a room mist
  4. diffuse in an essential oil diffuser
  5. use them as single oils or combine them to make a custom blend for your specific needs

You can purchase essential oils at your local health food store or online. Make sure that they are pure and say essential oil so that you know they are not a mix with any synthetic fragrance. You get what you pay for with oils.

Some  online essential oil shops that carry high quality oils:

Saje Natural Wellness –

Escents Aromatherapy –

Divine Essence –

*Please remember to always dilute the oils before you put them on your skin in either a vegetable oil or base lotion.

This is a quick list for stress relief. I will be reviewing many more oils, their uses and benefits over the next few months. Aromatherapy is a natural and effective way to help balance both body and mind. Warning –  Once you try them you might be so happy with the results that you’ll get hooked! Like me!




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