Keeping that skin healthy and glowing – sans chemicals

Evan Healy

I’ve always been into using products that are natural and good for me, trying to avoid chemicals wherever possible. But going through chemo this winter took it to a whole new level.

The day I had my first chemotherapy through IV my body was shocked and I think a little pissed off at me. I could feel the changes hour by hour as my body was trying to figure out what the heck to do with this strong drug! yikes!  My stomach and liver felt like they had taken a beating, probably because they had!  I had so many chemicals pumped into me that I refused to put anymore on my body through the products I used.

One side effect was that my sense of smell went into overdrive and any chemical perfume – be it in soap, cologne, laundry detergent etc drove me crazy. I had to leave the room and try not to hurl. The only scents I could tolerate where pure essential oils.

So I had to find all new face and body care products. It took a few tries but I now have some favourite all natural or almost all natural products  that I can’t live without.  Even if you’re not going through chemo  going all natural will put less toxins in your body and since the  skin is our largest organ  why not help it out a little?!  Your body will thank you. And you’ll look great too!

Here are some of my natural faves that still have a luxurious feel and have kept my skin looking so good that people make silly comments like – “You are glowing! You don’t look like you’re on chemo at all! ” ha! So if it can make a tired chemo mommy look and feel good….. it must be fantastic stuff!

If you are looking for all natural here are a few of my faves:

 Natural Face Products:


I am addicted to these products. They smell good, feel good and make my skin look amazing. Check out her site to find out about all the care and good energy that goes into her products.

Organic Body Care:

Neals Yard Remedies –

Their organic ‘ Create Your Own’ body wash is extremely gentle and can be used as a body or hair wash. You can add your own essential oils if you feel like zesting it up a little. I suggest orange, lemon or peppermint. They also have wonderful lotions, creams and bath oils.

Cream for Extra dry skin and nails:

Maiga – Pure Shea Butter  –

Works wonders for dry patches, nails, cuticles, eczema, chapped lips – heck rub it all over and it will make you feel shiny and new.

And don’t forget to drink lots of water to help keep your skin hydrated from the inside!

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